Learning Music Apps (Number 4 Will Shock You)

With today's technology, you can now learn music by using your smartphones. A lot of developers are coming up with various apps that you can use in learning music in a more simplified wayLearning music has a way of igniting the creativity in you. It is well known that music helps a lot of kids to maintain or have a retentive memory, yes that is totally true. The fact still remains that even an adult can still learn music as age doesn't matter.

With the apps we're going to discuss in this article, you will be able to learn comprehensive insight into music notation, rules of harmony, ear training, etc.

In this article, we'll be talking about 5 different apps you can use to learn music on your own without the supervision of any professional. This will allow you to learn music theory or sheet music or better still learn to play an instrument or create your own tunes.

Music is very wide if you really want to explore it, learning music can be based on the area you want to learn, this area involves music beat making, playing musical instruments, learning music theory, and many more. So when you talk about learning music, you'll need to be specific on the area of music you want to learn

So without wasting too much time, let us dive into apps you can use to learn music.

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5 Apps For Learning Music

Below are 5 apps you can use to learn music on your own without the supervision of a professional. These apps will be a combination of the Android operating system and the IOS operating system.

  • Tom play Sheet Music
  • EarMaster - Music Theory & Ear Training
  • Flowkey
  • Yousician
  • Symphony Pro

Tom Play Sheet Music

Tom Play Sheet Music is an advanced sheet music app that allows you to read music sheets while it scrolls through your screen automatically.

The App interactive sheet music scrolls automatically on your screen in time with the music. When you select a piece of music and click on play, the app will start the interactive score with the music.

If you're a pianist, the app allows you to have the option to play solo, duet, four hands, or accompanied by an orchestra.

The app also allows you to take control of the tempo of the music while it is playing on the app. You can either slow down the tempo or increase it without losing the quality of the sound.

You can download Tom Play from Google Play Store or the iOS Appstore.

Learning Music Apps

EarMaster - Music Theory & Ear Training

The EarMaster Music app is another advance and next-level music app which was designed for music students to provide an excellent range of teaching and listening questions to develop any music learner from beginner topics too much more developed aural awareness.

The app was specifically designed to develop aural skills in rhythm and pitch identification of its user.

You can download the Ear Master Application from Here. The EarMaster App is available for different operating systems with a different subscription plan.
There are different subscription plans on the Ear Master Music App. But here is the one I'll recommend to you if you really want to learn from the app.

Subscription plan of EarMaster App

License 1 - EarMaster Cloud Credits: $3.99-$12.95 per user per year
License 2 - Student invites: $3.99/month for students. Free for teachers (from 5 subscribing students).

Flow Key

Flow Key is an app in partnership with YAMAHA, it is a much better app when it comes to learning music. The app allows you to learn how to study the theory and rhythm of the music in a fun and enjoyable way. With the flow key, you can decide the level at which you want to learn. The app allows you to access the following levels; Beginner, Intermediate, Advance, and Pro. You can use the app to advance your level as a student trying to learn the keyboard, how to play the keyboard, and its theories.

The courses in the Flow Key App is very interesting and versatile as you'll learn a lot on your journey to learning music. 

Features of Flow Key App

Below are features of the Flow Key Mobile App

  • Ability to discover over 1500 songs.
  • Listens to you play and waits for you to hit the right notes
  • Ability to watch an expert pianist play and follow sheet music on the same screen
  • Play at reduced speed to get comfortable with a piece
  • Replay a specific section until you perfect it
  • Ability to Practice right and left hands separately
You can download the Flow Key App from Google Play Store or the Appstore for iOS users. The app is not free as it comes with a subscription fee.

Yousician Music App

Yousician Music App is a music learning app that allows you to learn different types of instruments such as bass, ukelele, piano, and guitar.

The Yousician mobile app allows learning at different paces such as using the practice mode to slow down the sound playing. The app is designed to give the player a chance to improve through practice and competition. When you’re starting, you can tackle the standard lesson structure

Features Of Yousician

Below are the features of Yousician

  • Ability to learn with an acoustic or electric guitar
  • Fun and easy to follow lessons
  • Access to tons of music

You can download the Flow Key App from Google Play Store or the Appstore for iOS users. The app is not free as it comes with a subscription fee.

Symphony Pro

Symphony Pro is another great app for learning music. The app allows you to read music using your device QWERTY keyboard or a MIDI input device. There are 114 built-in instruments to choose from when you want to playback and audition your compositions, and there are a ton of tools, gestures, and shortcuts to make creating and editing that much more efficient and powerful.

If you want to create your own sheet music on top of being able to read everything you have already, then Symphony Pro is where it's at.

You can download the Symphony Pro App from Google Play Store or the Appstore for iOS users. The app is not free as it comes with a subscription fee.


The apps we mentioned above are just a few of the best app out there for learning Music. But we believe you can learn music from those apps. 

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