Best Music App IPhone (Free)

 A lot of people find it annoying to spend money while listening to music on iPhone. Music is meant to comfort your inner spirit and give your peace of mind instead of being a liability.

But the truth about reality is the fact that nothing is actually free. You either pay to listen to your music without ads or you just have to deal with annoying ads popping up all the time whenever you're listening to music.

Either way, our major focus in this article is to show you different apps you can use for listening to free music on iPhone without actually paying for a dime.

without wasting much time, let us dive into the list of best music apps for free on iPhone.

Best Music App Iphone Free

TOP 5 Best Music Apps For iPhone (Free)

  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • TuneIn
  • Sound Cloud
  • Uforia


Spotify is one of the biggest name in the music streaming industry. Ever since the music app was introduced. Its rise to the peak of the most loved and used music streaming application in the united state and around the world. Their fan base skyrocket and this has made it become a household name when it comes to streaming and listening to music.

Spotify has a huge music catalog with cool sharing features and social engagement features. With the app, you can do a lot more than just stream music on your smartphone. With the high demand for radio podcasts from users of Spotify, the company later introduced the pandora styled podcast feature to their collection. The app is improving every day as they are introducing different features to make the app very engaging and interesting to use.

Is Spotify Music App Free

No, you need to pay a $10 monthly subscription fee as an IOS user if you want to have access to premium features and access to the latest songs being released.

But the interesting thing about Spotify is the fact that you can use it for absolutely free by watching ads which can sometimes interrupt you while you're listening to your favorite song. To save yourself the stress of always listening to ads while streaming your music, you can go for the $10 monthly subscription.

Pros Of Spotify Music App

  • Spotify has a great user-friendly interface. You can get used to it almost instantly even if you have never used the app before.
  • Great music library with enormous curated streams and playlist.
  • Spotify Singles, Podcasts, and other exclusive content.

Cons Of Spotify Music App

  • You can't skip tracks as a free account user of Spotify.
  • You only have access to a maximum of 750 songs and 15 playlists.
  • As a free user, you must continuously listen to ads once in a while when using the Spotify music app.

Pandora Music App

Open the pandora box. As the name goes so as the feel and drives to download the app. Pandora music application is one of the most downloaded music apps on the AppStore because of its simplicity and the features it has.
The music app uses radio-like features where you enter or type in the name of a song and the artist, it then creates a station of music based on your selected artist and preference.
The app has other interesting features such as the thumb up and thumbs down for music. Whenever you thumb up music, it automatically adds it to your playlist, and thumbs down take it off your list.

As at the time of writing this article, pandora has a gigantic database of music with the ability to show you millions of music.

Pandora comes in a free and paid version. However, if you want to use the mobile app as a free user, you'll have to listen to ads as I have mentioned earlier before. This also limits the number of times you can skip a song in an hour while streaming music.

The paid version of the Pandora Music app comes in two different subscriptions. The first is $4.99 per month. With the $4.99 monthly subscription plan, you can have access to great features such as;

  • Ability to listen to higher-quality audio
  • lets you listen to four stations offline
  • Free from ads
  • removes all limits on skips and replays
For the $9.99 subscription plan, It is the ultimate Pandora Box, every premium feature is accessible to you. This feature includes the ability to search for and listen to any song, make playlists, and listen offline.


TuneIn is a radio-like streaming app that allows you to stream different radio stations on the app. TuneIn has a lot of radio stations in the app which the company promised to keep adding more as time goes on.

The app delivers a stream of over 100k radio stations that offer music. If you're a lover of radio then this is the best bet out there. The streams you can access on TuneIn covers different programs such as music, news, talk, and sports.

You can also stream some premium services such as NFL and NBA games, as well as the MLB playoffs. Also available for free in the app is a giant podcast library. But the free version has some limitations which you can only unlock for a $9.99 monthly subscription or $7.99.

You can pay for the $9.99 subscription directly from the app as an in-app purchase. This process is simple and straightforward. And as for the $7.99 subscription, you can get that directly from TuneIn.

The premium subscription of TuneIn unlocks great features and programs such as live sports, over 600 commercial-free music stations, over 60,000 audiobooks, and 16 language-learning programs. And it removes ads (though not necessarily from the radio streams).

Pros Of TuneIn Music App

  • You can have access to live radios from around the world
  • Access to thousands of Radio grouped by locations and genre
  • Over 16 language learning programs are available
  • Access to premium services such as NFL games, other sports, and audiobooks.

Cons Of TuneIn Music App

  • You must pay the subscription fee if you must remove annoying ads.
  • You cannot create an on-demand radio station
  • The audio quality of live program are either high, low, or sometimes not great

Sound Cloud

Sound Cloud is one of the most widely used music apps on the iOS operating system. The feature in the app makes it one of the most important music apps on Appstore at the time of writing this article. The app is not just a music app but a platform for creative people such as musicians, DJs, and other creative people to upload and share their creations with the world.

If you must upload your content so it can come up in the app, you need to use the SoundCloud Pulse app. With this app, you can upload your content which will be available on the Sound Cloud mobile app for streaming.

The free version of the app allows you to have access to 120 million tracks and create playlists. And as for the premium or paid version of the app, you can get it for just a $5.99 monthly subscription which is for the SoundCloud Go while the SoundCloud Go+ goes for $12.99 a month, to unlock access to over 30 million additional songs.

Pros Of Sound Cloud Music App

  • Sound cloud is a great place to discover upcoming artists.
  • You can upload your music as an artist.
  • You can scrub forward and backward when playing a song.

Cons Of Sound Cloud Music

  • The app has a library of too many newly released music compared to the latest hits available in the music industry.
  • You cannot skip ads as a free user.
  • The UI is not that great compared to the desktop version of the app.

Uforia Musica

Uforia is a genre-focused music app on the Appstore. The app allows you to stream music such as Latin music.

The app allows you to have access to over 65 Latin radio stations as they're broadcasting live. Uforia Musica allows you to discover channels by city, genre, and language, and locate playlists to match your moods and activities.
The app has other cool features such as saving your favorite station for easy access later and a car mode that presents the key features of the app in a larger format for easy access while driving.

Pros Of Uforia Musica

  • Uforia Musica is available in both English and Spanish
  • Stations on the Uforia app are categorized by mood
  • Has a great library of  Latin music and radio stations.

Cons Of Uforia Musica

  • The app has so many annoying advertisements
  • Internet connection is lost easily while streaming. Just hope they're gonna fix that.


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